Older travellers make more claims


New research from provider of global medical assistance, repatriation, travel risk management and claims services CEGA has found that nearly half of all leisure travel insurance claims are made by holidaymakers aged 50 or over.

Analysing its data collected from claims made last year, CEGA found that 46 per cent of the claims that the company handled were made by those over 50. Over 50’s claimed less for medical costs however, with 27 per cent of claims made by travellers over 50 being medical related, compared to 31 per cent made by those under 50.

Spain seems to be the most dangerous destination for the over 50s, with 24 per cent of claims being submitted by those travelling to the country. France and the US made up the top three, both with eight per cent of claims.

Mike Flippance, head of retail insurance services at CEGA, explained why the company looks into this kind of claims data: “Claims research is integral to CEGA’s commitment to offer the very best customer service. By providing key information about policyholder behaviour by country and age, these findings enable us to anticipate and answer customers’ needs, to promote insurers’ understanding of customer trends and to take a proactive approach to product development. They also support our cost containment strategy.”