Medical costs still top cancellation


AllClear, a UK-based specialist medical travel insurance provider, has compiled data on the most common claims and their costs, finding that the most common claims relate to medical expenses – which typically cost twice that of cancellation. AllClear’s latest data revealed one claim that ran to an eye-watering £215,000, another at £120,000 and a further high claim of £98,000.

When compared to £10,000 as the highest claim for cancellation and just £6,000 for curtailment, the stark reality is that costs can be on a level of the average UK mortgage if a holidaymaker has a medical emergency abroad. Baggage claims are the third most common type of claim, costing on average £192, with the highest recent claim amounting to £1,380.

“Disputed claims cause consumers significant stress,” says Garry Nelson of AllClear Travel. “And particularly when the claim relates to a medical expenses claim, it is often an extremely traumatic time. For medical expenses claims, it is essential to declare all pre-existing conditions to insurers. Not everyone will realise that stable conditions such as high blood pressure or asthma need to be declared, or indeed that it is also essential to declare certain previous conditions where the person has made a full recovery.”

With the high frequency and cost of cancellation claims, the insurer’s advice to consumers is to purchase travel insurance as soon as a holiday is booked, so cover is in place in case cancellation is required.