Insurance best stress-reliever

607, a travel comparison site for those who have pre-existing conditions, has offered tips to travellers on reducing stress whilst on holiday.

The company revealed these tips after the collapse of Monarch Airlines earlier this month, which left an estimated 110,000 travellers stuck abroad. Tommy Lloyd, head of retail and customer interaction at Medical Travel Compared, acknowledged the stress and anxiety that situations like these can put on travellers, especially those that have pre-existing medical conditions. “With a bit of planning, however,” he added, “anxiety and stress can be kept to a minimum so you can have peace of mind to enjoy your holiday.”

Top of Lloyd’s list for travellers was, of course, travel insurance. He stated that insurance is a ‘vital part of the holiday planning process’, and told travellers that: “It’s crucial that all pre-existing conditions are declared at the time of taking out a policy to ensure that the policy is valid if you need to make a claim or deal with the situation when you’re abroad.”

Lloyd also told customers to: not rely on memory and write details down; to pack extra medication; to plan their travel routes carefully; to leave plenty of time for the airport; and to know alternative travel arrangements.