Customers pick policies on price


Consumers buy their policies by looking at price alone, new research from insurance ratings site has found. It says that UK consumers claimed that the cost of a policy is the main decider when purchasing, with over three-quarters admitting they buy without looking at the policy documents. Those that do not purchase policies also cited cost as the primary reason why.

Jonathan Upton, research director at, lamented the fact that most consumers don’t realise that comparison sites only cover a small proportion of available policies. “Additionally,” he said, “comparison sites are heavily focused on price, listing cheapest policies first and not necessarily highlighting those that offer better cover.”

In its research, highlights 2017 data from the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA), which found that one in four UK travellers do not purchase any insurance at all. To find the policy that is best suited to them, advises that customers will have to spend hours researching and visiting numerous websites, ‘something that just isn’t practical or cost-effective’.

“It’s also true that just taking the travel insurance option offered by your airline, tour company or even bank won’t necessarily provide the cover you will need or be best value for money,” added Upton.