Compare Cover urges families to check insurance


Grandparents who may be treating their grandchildren to a holiday this summer need to consider the travel insurance implications of going away with the grandkids, according to UK travel insurance comparison website Compare Cover. The company is warning parents and grandparents alike to check whether the children are properly insured when travelling without their legal guardians.

After researching the travel insurance market, Compare Cover found that some policies allow children to travel alone and be covered, but this isn’t by any means standard.

Simon Williams, head of travel at Compare Cover, said: “Grandparents should check their grandchildren are insured before travelling, whether that’s with an existing family policy or by adding them to their own insurance. It’s essential to check whether the children have insurance under their parents’ policy. Some insurers may cover children if they travel without the main policy holder, but some may only cover an adult who travels independently – not a child.” Simon added: “If grandparents already have travel insurance and would like to add them to it, they will need to check policy wording carefully. Many insurers will ask that children live at the same address as the adults.

 Another option for grandparents to consider is taking out a group insurance policy, instead of a family policy. This covers a group of people who don’t necessarily live at the same address. It’s typically used for friends, but can be an option for grandparents if they don’t want to risk being covered on a different policy from their grandchildren.

Simon explained that it’s not just insurance that needs to be considered before treating the grandkids to a holiday: “As well as insurance, grandparents will want to remember to bring their grandchildren’s European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) if they’re visiting the European Economic Area (EEA) and to check whether they need a signed note from the child’s parents with their consent to travel.”