How to compare travel insurance policies


Medical assistance company SentinelMED has advised consumers on how to compare travel insurance policies. It recommends reviewing the following before purchasing travel insurance:

  • First, existing insurance policies, as some health insurance policies provide coverage for care outside the US, while others do not. The company states that, depending on a traveller’s destination and the amount paid up front for expenses, his or her existing insurance policies may provide enough protection.
  • Second, online comparison tools, as these allow travellers to easily compare travel insurance offerings from some of the largest providers in the industry.
  • Third, fine print and disclosures, which SentinelMED says is tedious, but important: “Are the maximum payment limits the same on things such as trip cancellation, trip interruption, medical care, and lost luggage? Is evacuation coverage included, and what is the maximum amount allowed?”
  • Fourth, coverage for pre-existing conditions. The company says that travellers who have pre-existing medical conditions should ask specifically about a plan’s coverage and terms before purchasing it, and get the answers to their questions in writing.
  • Fifth, SentinelMED advises reviewing how ‘travel partners’ or ‘family members’ are defined. It states that this is important in case a trip must be cancelled because of a loved one’s illness or death.