Crazy little thing called insurance


Though every couple may feel like they are currently living in the greatest rom-com ever told, there comes a point when every romantic pair may have to realise they’re less Kim and Kanye, and more Justin and Britney.

In this spirit, Fiona Macrae from website Travel Insurance Explained has turned agony aunt to dish out realistic advice to couples who have planned a romantic trip away, but who might have second thoughts before boarding the plane.

The first scenario Macrae gives advice on is a girl who broke up with her beau before they were due to take their trip away, who asks whether their travel insurance policy will cover the cancelled trip. Macrae explains: “This depends on the type of travel insurance cover you have. Although there are a few policies that will cover you for ‘cancellation for any cause beyond your reasonable control’, most insurers will only provide cover for specific reasons such as cancellation due to death, injury or illness of you, your travelling companion or close relative, you are required for Jury Service or you are made redundant.”

Macrae also tackles lovers’ tiffs that mean a cancelled staycation or a lost engagement ring, and gives more general advice on what to look for in a travel insurance policy. “When buying a travel insurance policy, the key things you need to make sure are covered properly are cancellation, medical expenses and repatriation, curtailment (cutting short your trip) and personal possessions,” she advices potential Romeos and Juliets (without the untimely deaths, obviously). “Once you have found a policy that offers the right cover, it is important to look beyond this and make sure you are buying a policy that meets your needs, i.e. ‘cancellation for any cause beyond your reasonable control’, cover for existing medical conditions, gadget cover as standard, cover for your baggage that will not deduct any wear and tear damage in the event of a claim, [and so on].”

Macrae adds: “Love is unpredictable and things can change at any moment but there are steps people can take to make sure that they are not left with a stinging bill when things don’t go to plan. Buying the right travel insurance policy with the most suitable cover for you will ensure that there is protection if you have to cancel a trip for reasons beyond your control – such as your partner breaking up with you.  Most travel insurance policies do not offer this cover, so it’s vital to check the cover limits and exclusions to make sure your heartache isn’t compounded [by] a hefty bill to pay.”