Spanish tourists attacked in Senegal


A group of Spanish tourists were recently attacked in Senegal by a group of bandits, a Senegalese army colonel told Reuters. The group of four tourists were attacked near the small town of Diouloulou in the southern Casamance region. The bandits raped the two women in the group and took thousands of euros in cash.

The Spanish Embassy in Senegal confirmed that the attack took place near the popular tourist destination in Senegal, but did not comment on the report of rape. The group were reported to be travelling in a hired car with a Senegalese driver. An armed group stopped and hijacked the car, then raped the women on the roadside and took around $4,000. The colonel told Reuters this information on condition of anonymity.

This is the second attack this year to take place in the area, which is known for its tropical forests and sandy beaches. The previous incident saw 14 civilians killed and several wounded by a group of unidentified gunmen. The motives remain unknown, said Reuters.