Brits travelling uninsured


According to new research, a worrying proportion of UK holidaymakers are going on trips without coverage. Fifty-three per cent of British travellers, according to the Moneyfacts survey, have travelled without travel insurance – 43 per cent holidaying in the UK and 10 per cent overseas. The survey also found that 31 per cent of respondents paid somewhere between £51 and £100 for the last travel insurance policy they purchased, perhaps a slightly higher percentage than one might expect, given travellers’ penchant for skimping on coverage. Just over 30 per cent paid over £100, while 29 per cent paid between £21 and £50 and 10.5 per cent paid between £1 and £20. “Picking out a policy shouldn’t be a burden on your time,” commented Charlotte Nelson, a spokesperson for Moneyfacts, “as the majority of survey respondents (56 per cent) take less than an hour to pick a travel insurance policy. Equally, customers looking for a deal need to be aware that simply going for the cheapest plan is not always the best option, as they could potentially be overlooking useful benefits. It would be wise to think very carefully about choosing a comprehensive package, and how much they are prepared to pay for protection in the event of a crisis.”