Two’s a charm


Australian travel insurance comparison site is advising customers to ‘beat the system, not cheat the system’ by purchasing multiple travel insurance plans when travelling.

The company found that 73 per cent of travellers did not know that they were able to purchase multiple policies. point towards the recent eruption of Mount Agung in Bali as an event that has confused customers. “In the case of Bali, if you buy a policy that doesn’t cover Mount Agung-related disruptions, you could also purchase a second policy once the bans are lifted,” Natalie Ball, director of explained for travellers. “For the small price you’d pay, it makes sense to get the extra cover. In the event of another eruption, the cost could save you thousands in cancellation and lost fees.”

Ball is keen to point out, however, that under law, both policies cannot be claimed. “It’s your duty to disclose any policies in place and your insurers are likely to work it out between them. Trying to double dip and get back more than you actually lost would be considered fraudulent,” she warned.

Customers are also advised about the cooling off periods included in their policies to deal with known events such as the Mt Agung eruption, as well as being advised to buy their policy as soon as possible. “Even with travel exclusions in place, we still recommend our customers buy a policy as soon as they’ve booked their flights – that way you’re covered for all new events, or if you need to cancel or reschedule for other reasons, such as you or a family member becoming ill prior to departure,” advised Ball.