Young Aussies warned of travel dangers


Columbus Direct has launched a new campaign aiming to warn young Australians who will be going on holiday of the dangers of travelling, and educate them on the need for insurance.

With many young Aussies gearing up for trips to popular destinations such as Thailand and Indonesia, the travel insurer stresses that injuries involving Australians overseas are on the rise, with a seven-per-cent rise in Thailand and four-per-cent rise in Indonesia. The countries rank first and second for the highest number of Australian overseas hospitalisations and are in the top three for Australian deaths overseas, according to the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).

Columbus has partnered with Student Edge, an organisation that caters to Australian students, to create a series of adverts that the companies hope will connect with young travellers. The new four-part campaign, called #HolidayFails, is a video series that follows the group chat messages of five ‘bantering 20-somethings’ that get caught up in a disastrous holiday in Thailand, with accidents ranging from forgotten underwear to a scooter crash.

“We were really pleased to partner with Columbus Direct on the #HolidayFails campaign and illustrate (with a bit of humour) how quickly holidays can go wrong if you’re not adequately prepared, especially with Schoolies [a three-week graduation festival celebrated by school leavers] on the horizon,” says Simon Miraudo, the editor and head of marcomms and membership at Student Edge.

The adverts are light on mentions of travel insurance, something that Columbus Direct thought would be key to getting their message across. “We didn’t want to spoon-feed information or tell people what to buy,” explains Columbus Direct’s head of marketing Antje Lauterbach. “Our aim has been to tell a story that piques curiosity around travel insurance questions and then provides supplementary content for people to learn more. We want young travellers to think ‘oh, this is actually relevant to me’ and then give them the tools to find the right travel insurance cover for their future trips – be that with us or with another insurer.”