FOS reveals 2020 complaints data


The UK Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) has revealed that it dealt with around 3,000 travel-insurance related complaints in 2017. Of these complaints, in nearly four in 10 cases it was decided that the insurer involved had not treated its customer fairly – suggesting, said the FOS, ‘that things go to plan most of the time – or at least, that holidaymakers can resolve any problems directly with their insurers’. And considering the fact that more than 21 million Brits went on holiday last year, 3,000 complaints is not a bad figure.

The numbers were revealed in a recent newsletter from the FOS, which also said that the majority of the complaints that it dealt with in 2017 were related to claims: “In some cases, the claim in question has been made before the holiday has even begun – when someone cancels their planned trip … whatever the reason for the cancellation, our job is to decide whether the insurer has applied the terms of the policy fairly.”