Small print, big stress


When it comes to travel insurance, customers’ main gripe is policy exclusions, according to a new survey carried out by YouGov for technology specialist Aquarium Software.

A quarter of all respondents claimed that having a claim turned down because of an item hidden in the small print of a policy is the most annoying aspect of travel insurance, while a further 12 per cent said that proving a claim is valid is the worst aspect.

It’s not all bad news, however: 24 per cent responded by saying that there is nothing annoying at all about travel insurance.

Aquarium pointed out that the losses travellers can incur due to clauses in the small print was brought to the fore recently with the Ryanair flight cancellation debacle. Many found that their standard insurance policies did not cover the knock-on losses of flight cancellation, including non-refundable hotel bookings and car hire.

“The jury is clearly still out on travel insurance in the mind of the consumer, but emerging technology can ensure the balance tips in favour of hassle-free trips, and a customer journey that the industry can be proud of,” said Aquarium director Mark Colonnese. “In the meantime, people need to check they are buying the level of cover appropriate for their needs, and policy providers need to make it as easy as possible for them to do that, without feeling they need a law degree or have to wade through dozens of pages of Ts and Cs to avoid getting caught out.”